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  • Patinated Wicker, 2453

Patinated Wicker, 2453

Melissa Shanley



Photographic print on metal

30h x 40w in


About the Artist

Exploration of the texture of line is the focus of Melissa's work. Dramatically altered perception is what she strives for: a translated understanding of a subject not previously acknowledged.

Her recent series focus on historic structures and aged decorative arts. As a former appraiser and restorer of antiques, she became intimate with the grains and living surfaces of antique materials, and acutely aware of the damage from use, warping from time and restorations from hundreds of years of care.

Early in her career as an artist, Melissa Shanley experimented with the camera. Years ago, her camera ultimately pulled her back into an intimacy with her abstractions which she finds she can get with no other medium. She makes single edition photographs with natural light and avoid any editing. The resulting capture is mounted on aluminum panel, allowing for a viewer's contemporary connection with the composition without obstruction of glass or frame.

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