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  • Sound Waves #7: Pulse
  • Sound Waves #7: Pulse

Sound Waves #7: Pulse

Jean M. Judd



hand stitched thread on hand rust pigmented textile

19” x 43.5”

Sound Waves #7: Pulse is moving away from the static graphic lines earlier in the series and morphing into abstractions of pulsations.

This piece references sonar which is used to identify an object using sound waves. The sound waves create an “echo” that can be read as pulses on a sonar screen and heard audibly. Turquoise and fuchsia are the dominating colors in this piece with subtle nuances of truffle brown. Undulating waves of hand stitched thread in two shades of blue, create interesting shadows and light play across the artwork. The work is specifically designed to be displayed in any orientation, vertical or horizontal, which makes it a versatile display piece.

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