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  • Windy Girl / 43x26x26 / bronze
  • Windy Girl / 43x26x26 / bronze

Windy Girl

Daniel Stern

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About the Artist

Daniel Stern is swiftly gaining as much notability for his sculpture as for his legendary acting roles on stage and screen. Daniel creates playful, relatable and multi-layered characters as examinations of human foibles in a moment of action. He emphasizes, “Having spent my entire adult life as an actor, writer and director in theater and films, I have essentially been bred to tell stories to audiences. I now see that my work as a sculptor is a continuation of my work as an actor and filmmaker. In this new medium I am still creating characters and capturing scenes with humor and passion.”

Daniel’s small-scale pedestal sculpture and large-scale public artworks have been commissioned and exhibited throughout the West Coast.

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