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  • The Night We Prayed
  • The Night We Prayed

The Night We Prayed

Tim Lancaster


acrylic on linen with proprietary glazes

30" x 30"

This painting captures an amazing moment in my life. My wife and I were in Theodore Roosevelt National Park on our honeymoon when I learned that my mother had died after a long illness. We sat and prayed together on a ridge overlooking Wind Canyon as the sun set and the moon began to rise on a majestic scene of buffalo, elk, wild horses and a timeless river that wound through the land and our souls.

As we turned to leave, the mountain behind us was touched by a last moment of sunlight, creating an image and feeling that I have tried to paint for years. This painting comes close to capturing that moment in time.

This painting is part of my American Tonalism series that were inspired by Rookwood Pottery plaques created in Cincinnati during the early 1900’s.

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