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  • Untitled: Circle of Life Series; gray and black abstract painting by Loretta Kaufman
  • Untitled: Circle of Life Series

Untitled: Circle of Life Series

Loretta Ana Kaufman



Acrylic on canvas

30h x 30w in


Artist Bio

Loretta Kaufman is a first generation Croatian-American sculptor and painter. She has lived and worked in Venezuela, the Bahamas and South Africa. Originally from New York Loretta now lives in Nashville. Educated at Palm Beach Jr. College and the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale in Florida, Kaufman studied under ceramic artist Mohaczy-Matics in Pretoria. During the 1970's, in South Africa, Loretta's work was hand built earthernware. Humidors, ashtrays, wall tiles and sculptures were produced for retailers in Pretoria and Johannesburg. Over the years she has found that work in one medium can give her an idea for something in another. Ideas have been interpreted in several media including clay, wood, fiber and paint. The natural world has always inspired Loretta's art making and is the spark that starts the process. What continues to interest her are the powerful forces within nature, not always visible or obvious. Some of the things that influence her work are the energies, rhythms and subtle repetitions of the life around us.

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