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  • Cross Roads IV / 54 x 54 / acrylic - tape - linen
  • Cross Roads IV / 54 x 54 / acrylic - tape - linen

Cross Roads IV

Candida von Braun


acrylic - tape - linen
54 x 54

About the Artist

Candida von Braun is a fifth generation visual artist whose work involves painting, architecture, and photography. She is represented in collections in Germany, Spain, Italy, and the United states. Her art focuses on her classic dressage training with her Lusitano stallions, abstract emotional expressions of impressions from her travels and photography of details, patterns, and color.

Her Paintings are featured in the Fine Art Book: Contemporary International Artists, Vol X. Her photographs are featured in the coffee table quality Dressage book Paths To Lightness In Classical Dressagewhich sold over 30,000 copies. Candida has also been featured in Times Square where she was selected from among 300,000 artists to exhibit 5 of her Paintings over a 23 Story Billboard as part of the See|Me Show in New York. In addition her work has been shown in New York Freeze and Art Miami Basel.

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